About Us

Although Journey Home Equine Rescue was founded in 2018, our journey actually began with two horses saved from a kill pen in North Carolina, Jasper and Lacey, in 2016. With no actual home to transport Jasper and Lacey to, we had to act fast to find a partner in our rescue efforts. That partner was made with a small equine education and rehabilitation center near Racine, Wisconsin. Operated by a world-class horse trainer and former Humane Officer for the State of Wisconsin, we knew we had found a place where Jasper and Lacey would find a loving and supportive facility to begin their Journey Home.

Having been rescued at advanced age, Jasper and Lacey spent their last years enjoying a care-free lifestyle in each other’s company. Their positive transformation inspired the creation of Journey Home Equine Rescue. Guided by their spirit and the spirit of every horse who needs a forever home, we continue our efforts to find, rescue and adopt horses in need. Their legacy has led to the rescue of over a dozen horses from slaughter or unfit conditions.

Board Members:

Brooke Berning Peppey

Margaret Michaels

William Peppey


Jody Halladay

Training Apprentices and Barn Managers:

Assistant Trainer

Jason, Jessica and Ellen

Thank you all!

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