Our Home for Hope

Nearly 100,000 horses from the United States are slaughtered every year for human consumption abroad. Often times the victims of mistreatment and neglect, horses bound for slaughter suffer long before the terrifying and inhumane process of shipping and slaughter in Canada and Mexico. Additional thousands of horses suffer in silence, unsure of their fate and lacking a suitable home. Journey Home Equine Rescue was founded on October 16, 2018 to intervene on behalf of some of the amazing horses bound for slaughter or experiencing neglect. Working with compassionate volunteers at stock yards across the country and local humane agencies, we find adoptable horses and bring them home to our loving care facility in Southeastern Wisconsin to begin the long journey of rehabilitation, training and ultimately adoption into responsible and loving homes. Many of the horses we rescue are mere hours away from being sold for slaughter, and upon arrival are in very rough shape, both physically and mentally. Through our patient and holistic treatment, our rescues receive quality veterinary care, are brought back to a healthy weight and learn to trust humans once again. It is our mission at Journey Home to bring out the best in the horses we rescue from the slaughter pipeline or adverse conditions and we believe every horse deserves a second chance!

Donate to Journey Home Equine Rescue!

Help us rescue and rehabilitate Journey Home Equine Rescue’s horses. Your donation goes directly to our horses to help with everything from special diets to dental care. Thank you!


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